Minggu, 30 Mei 2010

Bersama papa dan eca. Lets buy some new books :D
Richeese :D
Yeeaay beli buku :D
100 :D


Goes to Africa :D
Long time no see Glenn :D
11 :D
Time for Milk :D

Waiting for Laptop n Modem

Im Blogging by cellphone now. Huuu =( Please gimmie my laptop n modem. I wanna upload sm photos..
#np Torn
Bringing it up, Fun
Menunggu papa mau renungan ..
Wake up with a thankful heart to Jesus
Morning blogs :D
Time for off . Bye :D







5 ilp :D





Its time for Africa
12 :D
Kasian org org rumah liat gue semakn hari semakn gila

Get Crazeeeeyyyy
Two Thumbs up for Western + Eastern People :D

With a Thankful Heart

With a thankful heart

And a song of praise

We've come to You

Gathered in this place

For the things You've done

And for who You are

We worship You

With a thankful heart :D :D
's playing guitar

Beautiful - Akon
MissedCall temntemn seperjuangan
MissedCall temntemn seperjuangan
Time for Crazy Football :D

Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010

Vegetable :D
's having lunch
Mengucap Syukur


Berdoa :D
NO !


Eating Green Tea candies. Cool

Happy Sunday. Slmt melayani. Gbus :D
Confrence with Ibam dan Etha
Get Crazy
june wish forgetting about all of the problems that I had and just... have fun.

sman 3 :)
Walaupun belum mandi gue tetp WANGI tauu
67 for G, papamama, oma, stiven, chiko + bule
Kapn ngambil ijazah ?
Everything that you always dream for
COULD be yours
SHOULD be yours
WOULD be yours
Ayo ibam guesss
Puas OL
still with laptop and guitar

13 :)

Goes to africa
I love you p3. I love you sooo :')
welcome to my life :)


@6.15 pm
still with shirt for sleep and bali's shorts
havent taken a bath yet lol

Slank Words
I really really wanna watch it ..
Congratulation my sists :)
Please follow my blog T.T
Off. I have to prepare for my sists' concert :) bye..

Im your biggest fans

Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Bete coklat gue di makn :(
Baru kenal aja gue di panggil gitu. Huuuuu.....
#np luluh

Kaka's style

Jam berp nh ?
Successfully :DDDDD
Sedg loading
Buatn jeni twitter dulu yyaaaaa
menuh - menuhn twitter heheheh
New friend from berkat :)
Time for Lunch :)

he taught me to play guitar with left hand when i was 11th

#np i gotta feeling
daritadi mau download lagunya akon ga bsabsa huuuuuu
#np by the way
wasting time :) hehehehe

vote for Brazil 'n Kaka

gambarnya gamuncul :(

Its time for Africa

Jogja 2

by Ivan dan Prisca

Jogja here I come

Borobudur Temple

ketep pas

seveneleven by eci

When you cant wait any longer
But there's no end in sight
It's the faith that makes you stronger
The only way we get there's one step at a time
mau download lagunya akon susahnya reeeekkkk
#np one step at a time


i havent understood how to use blog .

please explain to me :)
Morning, blog :)
#np D A H U L U
Ku tahu hanyalah dirimu yang mampu bgtu melakukan semua inginku

Ku tahu semua rinduku pnya arti satu ku ingin miliki drimu C I N T A
Sudh Malm..
#np trance the world
Mendung tapi Panas
(?) anehh
My friend said life was much easier when Apple and BlackBerry were just fruits
#np technic color
#np say you love me
Sampeee :)
#np pretty woman
I need a pillow + bedroll
I wish TIMBALAND, KINGSTON or AKON will invite me to sing together on their song
Kiss me + A thousand miles ..
Kiss me + A thousand miles ..
Please jangan nympe dulu. Pegn tdr bntar..
Please jangan nympe dulu. Pegn tdr bntar..

Save You

Sometimes i wish i could save you and there're so many things that i want u to know
I dont know its already evening..

Still feel sleepy
#np seize the day
#np beautiful akon
Otw Tj. Priok
visit my blog pleaseee


4hr 3malm d jogja belm puas tp seneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg bgggtttt

ga akn lupa sama mas gondrong, paijo sm jawa :)

1st time :)

blog :) yeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh